My name is Eli, I’m passionate about production, animation, and Jesus. I've been drawn to production for as long as I can remember. As an eight-year-old I would watch American Idol with my family. But instead of focusing on the singers, I obsessed over every lighting and video detail. Turns out, God decided to take the little kid recreating lighting layouts in PowerPoint to grow that passion for his glory.

Working on the production team at my hometown church further kickstarted my story. Not only was I given a place to belong, but for the first time I truly understood – production at church is not just about making stuff look good, but about giving your best to serve and honor the Lord. My passion grew and brought me to study Motion Media Design at Savannah College of Art & Design.

Throughout this time, I've had the opportunities to work with ministries both small and large, including C3 Brooklyn, Highlands Church, ReThink Group, Orange Kids Music, Elevation Church, and more. I’ve developed an eye for high-quality design, animation, and production.

I’ve come to believe that by pursuing excellence in design, animation, and production churches can create meaningful atmosphere to allow others to experience God. This is why I started Loops.Church.



The internet is oversaturated with worship backgrounds. When you wade through them you’ll find many visually cluttered backgrounds, distracting from the intent of worship. I launched Loops.Church to provide churches with worship backgrounds that are 100% lens flare and 3D free.

Loops.Church is meant to be a worry-free resource for churches. Whether you’re a seasoned pro downloading loops to add to the mix or a Sunday volunteer looking for some presentation tips and tricks. This is for you.



If your church is needing any animation, check out my work at or email me at I’d love to get connected!